Who we are

My name is Melissa Morales and I am the owner of Melmo’s Dog Treats.  As a lifelong dog owner of both show dogs and rescues, good nutritious food was a no-brainer. After having a dog that developed allergies and skin issues, I realized I haven’t really given much thought to the biscuits and chewy treats I was feeding her!  That was my a-ha moment to go beyond the popular brands.  I did research; A-LOT of research!  I spoke to vets, dog owners, and shelters about issues and preferences.  Pounds (and pounds) of treats were made and given to dogs and owners. 

I found an adorable Corgi named Yuki that couldn’t get enough of my tester treats.  I felt it only fitting that he would become my mascot.  Nowadays, you can find me just about anywhere, pop up events, charity functions, or a random dog park, talking to owners and trying new recipes.  I’ll never stop trying to improve my brand; so, please send me your comments, questions, and pictures of adorable customers!  Thanks for choosing Melmo’s!


Melissa Morales is certified in Canine Development and Bite Prevention.

Melmos in Action!

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